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♥ hott graphics ♥

*the hottest place to get your graphics*

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welcome to hott_graphics! This is a FRIENDS ONLY graphics community maintained by pixiedust25. everything in this community is made by the posters, and only the posters (( unless otherwise stated, of course )).


you must first read these rules before joining this community. if you don't like the rules, then don't join. it's that easy.

oo1. always credit the user who made the icon OR the community (( hott_graphics )) in your keywords or userinfo. if you fail to do so, you will be cut from the friends list and you will be kicked out of this community.

oo2. these graphics are to be used in (( and ONLY in )) livejournal. that means, I don't wanna find these icons in ujournal, blurty or greatest journal.

oo3. no graphics are to be customized be yourself. if you want something customized, simply ask a moderator or someone who has access to post in this community. graphics will only be customized by us (( unless otherwise stated )).

oo4. we will do requests when, and only when we post saying we will.

oo5. comment when taking an icon, header, friends only banner or any other type of graphic. if you are taking a graphic, simply leave a comment stating "i am taking graphics 6 & 12".

oo6. please DO NOT direct link any graphic in this community. if you do, you will be banned. upload to your own server.

oo7. add this community to your friends list. you have to do this in order to see all the posts!

oo8. no drama!

oo9. promote, promote promote!

o1o. if you would like to be granted access to post in this community, e-mail me at netsirk9888@aol.com